ECnet Division provides our clients with two vital services in two major segments, Marketing and e-Commerce in order to help them enhance their productivity and visibility.

E-Marketing provides our customers with Marketing Strategies Branding and Public Relations plans; and e-Commerce provides them with the mechanisms and the products in order to establish their B to B (Business to Business) and their B to C (Business to Customer) business relationship.


Today ECnet has expanded to the Middle East through the establishment of regional offices in the GCC that was driven by its extensive creativity and the desire to be unique in the region.


What we strive for :

ECnet  strives to provide its valuable customers with imaginative and customer tailored Marketing Strategies that have the right blend of online and offline methods to meet each individual marketing objective. The objective of ECnet  is to develop the right marketing and sales solutions, which incorporate creativity, flexibility and skill to enable our customers to:

  • Create Product & Services Awareness
  • Expand Market Reach
  • Promote Enterprise Competitiveness
  • Unique Selling Proposition


How to achieve :

Our exceptional abilities in our wide range of services will cater to promoting your company with professionalism and dedication. ECnet  believes that the incredible effectiveness of our communication program in the market place where it really counts, is, by pioneering in consumer research, understanding their requirement and finally very effective management with competitive spirit. We have also been busy laying our ground work for future success by looking into new priorities and expansion in the industry.

ECnet started with a refocus on things that have always been special, starting with enduring client relationships and building partnerships.

First and foremost we put a stake in the ground by mastering the area of creativity. We refuse to take a back seat to any competitor when it comes to creativity and our impact of work. We have hired a new generation of strategic, digital and creative leaders from around the world who are young, digital and hungry to succeed.


Associated Partners :

ECnet  division has partnerships with national and international companies, organizations and institutions in order to provide our customers with the right blend of marketing and E-commerce solutions; to view details please click here


Our Customers

ECnet  has doubled our stake at the international work front and our work for clients has been talked about. We have a wide spectrum of clientele from various sectors such as ministries, government and semi-government organizations, universities, banks and other financial institutions, trading establishments, construction and contracting companies, service sector companies and various other commercial establishments. This has made it simpler to approach the clients for new business opportunities with integrated programs to deliver across all relevant access points. And to underscore our commitment we adopted a new agency monitor which both emphasizes our heritage and communicates our ambition to deliver the best for the clients.

To view a list of our valued customers and portfolios please click here.


Our Products :

ECnet provides many product to its valuable customer. The following is a list of the product we offer:


 Strategy & Consultancy :

  • Analysis, Research and Evaluation of Brand
  • Developing strategies for promotion
  • Designing and implementing campaigns to promote

Media Planning & Buying Media :

  • Media research and evaluation
  • Media strategy and planning
  • Media buying
  • Post campaign evaluation


  • Sampling, Promoters / hostess (own team)
  • Direct marketing (mail, tele-marketing, online marketing)
  • Distributions Promotion
  • Organization of events
  • Fairs and Exhibitions

Creative Services :

  • Developing strategies and advertising campaigns concepts
  • Creative strategy
  • Copy writing
  • Graphic Design
  • Branding and re-branding
  • Packaging design
  • Web Design
  • CDs Multimedia

Production Facilities :

  • Radio production (design scenario/column sound production)
  • Video Production spots (scenario design / column sound /production / video)
  • Packet Radio (jingles, pingles, tapis, etc..) Photo sessions.
  • Corporate ID package (business cards, presentation folders, envelopes, sheets with header)
  • Flyers, leaflets, brochures, catalogs presentation, posters, menus, labels, packaging, etc...
  • Duplication and copying CDs
  • Personalize promotional items


ECnet proud to count many major clients from different sectors ranging from government to private sector. We have proved to our clients with the best services and have bestowed their trust on ECnet.