NClink Division is specialized in providing Cloud Computing solutions for OPTIMUM and Wolke divisions. It also provides web hosting services to ECnet division.

Moreover, NClink Division provides all types of IT hardware, networking infrastructure, specialized IT manpower, and third party products. We maintain partnerships with well-known and internationally recognized brands, so we can supply up to date technology to our customers, ensuring reliability, durability and data integrity.


What We Strive For

The ultimate objective of the NClink Division is to provide its customer with the right networking and hardware requirements in order to be able to provide for the internal and external customer of theirs the right and timely solution to perform their task. NClink provides Intranet, Internet and Cloud Computing infrastructure, it provides the hardware and the software needed for the setup of any type of network.  Also NClink Division provides the right and the most skillful manpower in IT on outsource basis to their customers in the regional market.

NClink Division provides its valuable customer with six major product and services:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Hosting
  • Hardware
  • Networking Infrastructure Setup
  • Third Party Software
  • Manpower Supply


How To Achieve

Through the right hardware, the right infra-structure and the most professional, dedicated and creative experts, NClink aims at offering its customers the 24/7 service to support their internal and external customers. 

NClink's major project approach is to setup the client network in highly secured environment and in very high availability setup whether it is hosted in cloud by the division or as intra/Internet environment at the client side.


Our Customers

NClink have a wide spectrum of clientele from various sectors such as ministries, government and semi-government organizations, universities, banks and other financial institutions, trading establishments, construction and contracting companies, service sector companies and various other commercial establishments.

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Our Products

NClink Division provides its valuable customer with for major product and services:

Cloud Computing

The NClink Division is mainly hosting in a cloud computing environment the other two division's main products namely:

  • Optimum ERP
  • Optimum Products
  • Wolke ERP
  • Wolke Products

The NClink Division also provides cloud computing environment to customers who wish to utilize our infrastructure for their cloud computing.

The NClink Division is mainly hosting EcNet customer’s websites and provide the following services:

  • Domain Booking
  • Hosting
  • CRM Update


The NClink Division is providing many types of hardware from the major IT hardware suppliers. NClink Division has many International alliances for configuring and setting up the hardware in the most efficient and reliable way.


The NClink Division is providing all types of networking infrastructure hardware from the major known suppliers. NClink Division has many International alliances for configuring and setting up the networks in the most efficient and reliable way.

Third Party Software

The NClink Division is responsible to market and sell all third party products in the markets where Amthal Group exist.

Manpower Supply

NClink Division provide the right and the most skillful manpower in IT in outsource basis to their customer in the regional market. The manpower outsourced is:

  • IT Engineers
  • Programmers
  • System Administrators


Associated Partners

NClink division has partnerships with various national and international companies, organizations and institutions in order to provide our customers with the most comprehensive and optimal business solutions.  To view a list of our partner's please click here. In addition, NClink products have gained a number of national and international accreditations to view details please click here