Business Intelligence Reporting

“Hassle Free Reports!”


Optimum Business Intelligence provides the most user-friendly mechanism to transform, access, analyze and present your business data in the most stunning way. It helps users to turn complex data into actionable insights that can be easily understood.


Users can connect virtually to any Optimum ERP data, both in the cloud or the local server. They can also analyze the data and share insights on the web or on mobile devices. Users can generate and share rich and interactive reports to visualize and analyze your data.


Business Intelligence Reporting Functionalities:

  • Data Transformation
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Delivery
  • Interactive Reports Creation

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Why Optimum?
Product Specific
  • Transform Your Data
  • Access Any Data
  • Deliver Insights Anywhere
  • Modernize Enterprise Reporting
  • Create Interactive Reports
  • Pivot Reporting
  • Electronic Alerts
Product General
  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • In-Built Document Workflow
  • Bi-Lingual Arabic/English
  • Powerful Security Control
  • Fully Integrated ERP
  • Internet / Intranet Based
  • Accessible Through Any Browser
  • ASP.NET & C# Development Tools
  • Microsoft SQL Database
  • Mobile Application