Money Exchange

“Currency Exchange with Total Control”


Optimum Money Exchange module is an integrated system which covers the entire cycle of money exchange process from sale and purchase of currency to the money exchange and then updating the currency stock by store and cashier in-charge.


Optimum Money Exchange The system calculates the commission electronically for each transaction and updates the income statement with profit or loss in real-time to sub-ledger. The module automates the currency operations between cashiers, branches and main branch.


Money Exchange Functionalities:

  • Currency Purchase Management
  • Currency Selling Management
  • Internal Currency Movement
  • Dashboards, Inquiries & Reports

Optimum Certificates
Why Optimum?
  • Unlimited Sales Currency
  • Unlimited Purchase Currency
  • Currency Inventory Management
  • Selling/Purchasing Rate
  • Cashiers Inventory Transfer
  • Profit Margin Calculation
  • Inventory Revaluation
  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • In-Built Document Workflow
  • Bi-Lingual Arabic/English
  • Powerful Security Control
  • Fully Integrated ERP
  • Internet / Intranet Based
  • Accessible Through Any Browser
  • ASP.NET & C# Development Tools
  • Microsoft SQL Database
  • Mobile Application