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Time Attendance Management

Control Attendance of Your Employees.

Optimum Time & Attendance covers access control, roster and workforce management, project time sheet and attendance. It can manage all type of shifts and rotations with the functionalities of workforce management and time sheet for project management companies.

It’s Access Control provides centralized online real-time view of the time in and out of employees. Workforce Management is used to allocate manpower to projects with Time Sheet generated for each project. The module can be linked to mystaff module.

  • Available on three platforms: browser-based Intranet/Internet and cloud computing.
  • Online real-time posting, resulting in online real time financial reporting.
  • Bilingual capability: Arabic/English, you log into the system with the language of your choice.
  • Extensive MIS reporting (in both languages).
  • Document printout option upon any task per formed.
  • Multi-level access to the system and powerful central security control.


Access Control

The Access Control Module is integrated with bio-metric readers to efficiently manage time, money, materials, people and physical access to sensitive areas. Optimum bio-metric devices boast one of the fastest commercial fingerprint matching and facial recognition algorithms in the market.

Some of the Optimum bio-metric readers:
  • G3 Face Recognition
  • G2 Fingerprint Identification
  • I-Clock 680
  • I-Clock 360
  • TF 1700 IP65 Waterproof
  • SC 700 Touch Screen RFID
  • SC 503 RFID Stand Alone
Access Control Functionalities:
  • Connect & Control the Bio-Metric Devices
  • Registration of new users
  • Transfer Data Between Devices
  • Log In & Out Swipes of All Users
  • Posting Alerts
  • Track Users
  • Access Control & Tracking Reports
  • Control the Opening & Closing Of Doors
  • Connect Devices to Fire Control Systems

Roster Management

Roster Management is the best tool available to create and manage all kinds of shifts or rosters with ease and total control. This module allows the users to have the options to either preset the rosters or to create rosters for each employee separately with different patterns.

The Roster Management module also provides a total control to the line managers or supervisors to control the roster of their employees and create their own customized rosters on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Roster Management Functionalities:
  • Create & Maintain All Kinds Of Shifts
  • Automatic or Manual Rosters
  • Editing Rosters
  • Swap Employee Rosters
  • Online Access to Users To See Their Schedule/Roster For A Period
  • Dashboards, Inquiries & Reports

Attendance Management

Attendance Management covers the full attendance cycle from daily attendance swipes to data processing and upload to payroll. Employee self-service allows the users to submit their excuses for attendance exceptions which can then be approved or rejected by line managers and following levels in the workflow.

The Attendance Management module also gives a first-hand view of the attendance to the management with a number of dashboards and inquiry screens.

Attendance Management Functionalities:
  • Calculation for Late In / Early Out / Breaks / Absence & Overtime
  • Map Attendance Rules
  • Self-Services
  • Manager’s Decisions
  • Upload to Payroll

Project Time Sheet Management

Project Time Sheet Management module is used to manage the time and attendance system that is linked with the Projects / Sub-projects. The Project Time Sheet Management system also allows users to create unlimited Projects and Sub-projects using the employee allocation function.

The module also provides a total control to the project managers or supervisors to control the roster of the employees and create their own customized rosters on daily / weekly / monthly basis.

Project Time Sheet Management Functionalities:
  • Create Unlimited Number of Projects
  • Assign Employees to Multiple Projects
  • Add Working Hours Per Employee by Project
  • Calculate the Cost By Project
  • Calculate Overtime
  • Upload or Integrate Attendance Data To Any Payroll System

Workforce Allocation

The Workforce Allocation module is a unique module which provides a full control over employee allocation to Projects and Sub-projects with multiple filters for employee skills / trades and qualifications.

The Workforce Allocation module also provides total control to the project managers and / or supervisors to generate the Time Sheet for employees on daily / weekly / or monthly basis.

Workforce Allocation Functionalities:
  • Create & Maintain Unlimited Number of Skills / Trades
  • Personal File of The Employee
  • Linking Employees to Skills
  • Employee Distribution According to Work Plans For Each Project
  • Arrange for Employees According To The Plan & Needs
  • Upload or Integrate Attendance Data To Any Payroll System

Dashboards, Inquiries & Reports

The Dashboards, Inquiries & Reports are integral part of all Optimum Modules providing detailed analysis and statistics of any organization. The system is available at user level or at management level based on the access rights and privileges. Access Rights can also be granted at department level to view information for particular departments.

The system in Time Attendance module has a variety of functions including Access Control, Roster Management, Manpower Planning and Attendance. In self-services users can view their dashboards providing information like their attendance, decisions taken, roster for the period and actual swipes.

Dashboards, Inquiries & Reports Functionalities:
  • Attendance Status by Shift
  • Employee Roster
  • Department Roster by Shift
  • Attendance Trends
  • Decisions Taken Trends
  • Time Gain/Lost Trends

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